Championing Geospatial Data

Executive Director Ivan DeLoatch on the changing role of the Federal Geographic Data Committee

Government Pavilion Stage Highlights: Part 3

NGA acquisition restructuring, NRO on commercial imagery, DOI UAS use

Weekly GEOINT Community News

DigitalGlobe Releases California Wildfire Imagery; SpaceX Completes First Mission With Reusable Rocket; USGS and NASA Select New Landsat Science Team; More

Civil Success Stories

NCAC director outlines civil GEOINT applications

Mapping the Ocean’s Mysteries

USGS, Esri, and NOAA create 3D interactive maps of the world’s oceans

Autonomous Agronomy

Precision agriculture applies technology to improve crop yields and reduce costs as well as to provide early warning signs about food insecurity and regional conflict

More Than Meets the Eye

Sophisticated sensors can see things humans can’t. GEOINT’s next challenge: turning spectral science into actionable insight

Weekly GEOINT Community News

CACI Acquires L-3 NSS; Raytheon to Support DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-4; Boundless Raises $5 Million; Next Generation of SAR Satellites to see World in Color

Friday’s Food for Thought: Mapping Earthquakes

Visualizing tremors throughout history and in real time

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Pentagon to Amp Up UAV Program; Dewberry to Evaluate New LiDAR Forms for USGS; Google Launches Project Sunroof