According to the United Nations (UN), more than 12 million people—including 5.6 million children—have fled Syria to escape the horrors of the country’s ongoing civil war and invasion by ISIS. Worldwide, the UN reports an unprecedented 59.5 million people are displaced by crisis. The flow of refugees toward Europe from Syria and other war-torn nations has caused the continent’s greatest refugee crisis since World War II. Finland-based Lucify, which creates interactive data visualizations to help organizations analyze and communicate important data, recently tackled the refugee migration to Europe. Using UN data from 2012 through December 2015, its interactive map offers a time-lapse view of refugee migration and country-by-country statistics. Between April 2011 and November 2015, more than 800,000 Syrians have sought asylum in Europe. When viewing worldwide data, the map reveals that among European countries Germany has experienced the greatest influx of refugees, taking in nearly 600,000 since 2012. View Lucify’s interactive data visualization above.


Posted by Kristin Quinn