Training Special Forces

VATC’s EPIC Ready visual awareness platform allows users to build and share 3D models of training environments and more


Special operations forces need geospatial information, and they need it fast. That’s why Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting (VATC, booth 700) is deploying the “EPIC Ready” platform to ensure troops have the information they need while training to enter a battlespace.

“[EPIC Ready is] a visual awareness program,” said VATC spokesperson Nancy Fernandez. “It’s a virtual map and you can pinpoint different scenarios. Like if you know two weeks in advance you’re going on a mission … you’ll know where everything is from all your areas, where you’re going, what’s available and what’s not available.”

Founded in 2003, the Tampa-based company developed EPIC Ready to assist in training Special Forces and to analyze troop performance following training exercises.

The platform aggregates digital information of an area to provide a detailed and accurate representation of that environment. It also allows users to build and share 3D models of training environments so different groups and organizations can ensure they’re using the same plans for training exercises.

According to VATC, EPIC Ready is already assisting several customers across the U.S. Defense Department.

Headline Image: VATC has built SOF-driven training and exercise solutions for distributed mission operations since 2003. Photo Credit: VATC

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