Weekly GEOINT Community News

Microsoft to Provide Cloud Services for the IC; SRI International to Develop AI System Under DARPA; General Atomics to Outfit 122 USAF Reapers; USAF Opens Project Kessel Run Experimentation Lab; More


Microsoft to Provide Cloud Services for the IC

Microsoft announced an agreement with the Intelligence Community to provide cloud services across all 17 agencies and offices. Those agencies will gain access to Microsoft’s Azure Government, which enables artificial intelligence analysis capabilities, voice recognition, translation, and the ability to support hybrid environments. 

SRI International to Develop AI System Under DARPA

DARPA selected SRI International to develop an artificial intelligence system with continuous learning capabilities under its Lifelong Learning Machines Program. SRI will base AI algorithms on biological memory transfers, consolidation, and replay. Such a system means future cognitive systems may be able to continually learn over time, improving performance and safety.

General Atomics to Outfit 122 USAF Reapers

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. won a $206 million contract to modify range and communications capabilities for 122 U.S. Air Force unmanned MQ-9 Block 5 Reapers. Upgrades include external fuel pods for improved range, new data router kits, and more. Engineering and development will take place in Poway, Calif., through June 2024.

USAF Opens Project Kessel Run Experimentation Lab

The U.S. Air Force earlier this month celebrated the official opening of the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab, a combat software development center at WeWork’s shared innovation space in Boston. The facility seats 90 Airmen, Air Force civilians, and contractors, all focused on designing custom technological applications specifically for Air Force missions. Project Kessel Run’s initial focus was to modernize the Air Force’s Air Operations Center, which oversees air combat in the Middle East. That focus has now expanded to include a cloud platform spanning eight regions, the standup of 10 applications teams, and more.

SAP NS2 Acquires Technology Management Associates

SAP National Security Services (NS2) announced its acquisition of Technology Management Associates (TMA). The acquisition closed April 30. TMA will bring its engineering excellence to SAP NS2’s data management and analytic platforms.

Dewberry to Support FEMA Flood Insurance Program

Dewberry will perform a comprehensive GIS analysis of mapping data for FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, which offers flood coverage, identifies community flood risks, creates maps, and more to help neighborhoods meet floodplain management best practices.

DHS Releases Cybersecurity Strategy

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a strategic guide to national cybersecurity management and risk prevention. The strategy focuses on unifying all departmental cyber activity. The guide outlines a comprehensive approach to recognizing and thwarting modern cyber threats in five areas: risk identification, vulnerability reduction, threat reduction, consequence mitigation, and enabling strong cyber outcomes.

Polaris Wins DARPA AIDA Subcontract

Polaris Alpha was awarded a DARPA subcontract supporting the agency’s Active Interpretation of Disparate Alternatives (AIDA) program. The contract is valued at $2.3 million and aims to create a “multi-hypothesis semantic engine,” an AI system capable of interpreting complex intelligence in battlefield environments. Polaris will team with Raytheon BBN Technologies and will lean on prior abductive reasoning research commissioned by NGA and NRO.

Photo Credit: DARPA

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Esri Joins ERES and K&A to Create Geospatial Real Estate Solution, L3Harris 3D Printed Space Experiment Flies on the International Space Station, Cesium, bringing the real world to Unreal Engine, and more.

Weekly GEOINT Community News

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Weekly GEOINT Community News

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