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Hexagon Launches Intergraph Insight Software; Esri Announces Data Partnership with BuildingFootprintUSA; NGA Completes 2-Meter Map of Arctic; More


Hexagon Launches Intergraph Insight Software

Hexagon launched Intergraph Insight, a new suite of public safety data visualization and analytics software. The program creates a single source of organizational data that users can explore, analyze, and share through interactive reports and dashboards. The initial Intergraph InSight products—“Advantage” and “Essentials”—support Hexagon’s computer-aided dispatch software.

Esri Announces Data Partnership with BuildingFootprintUSA

Esri is partnering with BuildingFootprintUSA to provide geocoding and address matching to users of Esri’s ArcGIS platform, as well as a training dataset used to improve Esri’s machine learning and artificial intelligence services. Esri will add BuildingFootprintUSA data to its collection of ArcGIS Online basemaps, accessible in the Living Atlas of the World. Building footprints are enriched with business list data, real property data, household demographics, and more.

NGA Completes 2-Meter Map of Arctic

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and its partners have released 3D digital elevation models of the Arctic in two-meter resolution. The time-stamped mosaic fills gaps left by previous releases of the ArcticDEM project and enhances filtering to preserve coastlines and better resolve dense forest areas. The resolution is more than five times that of the original release.

PAE ISR Selects Laser Payload for Resolute Eagle

PAE ISR selected the UTC Aerospace Systems TASE400 LD optical and laser designation payload system for use onboard its Resolute Eagle unmanned aerial system. The lightweight TASE400 system is integrated with day and night imaging capabilities, enhanced object recognition, on-board video processing with image stabilization, overlays, GPS/INS, and more.

NVIDIA and Oracle Combine Server and Cloud Platforms

Oracle and NVIDIA announced that Oracle is the first public cloud provider to support the NVIDIA HGX-2 platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to meet the needs of the next generation of analytics, machine learning, and AI. The companies are also announcing the general availability of support for GPU-accelerated deep learning and HPC containers from the NVIDIA GPU Cloud container registry on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Lockheed Seeks Commercial Payloads for Orion Spacecraft

Lockheed Martin announced it is studying interest in flying commercial payloads aboard NASA’s Orion manned deep space vessel, for which the company is the prime contractor. Lockheed is requesting domestic and international organizations to provide ideas for payloads that could fly on Orion’s upcoming missions to the moon and back. These could be for science, STEM, art and entertainment, data or any other commercial endeavor. Lockheed is working with NanoRacks to perform the market analysis.

Peer Intel

DIA Director Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley, Jr. announced Suzanne L. White as the agency’s next deputy director. She commenced her duties as DIA’s second-ranking officer October 15. White has served as DIA’s chief of staff since 2014.

ManTech promoted Yvonne Vervaet to the position of senior vice president of growth and capabilities, effective Nov. 1. Vervaet previously served as chief growth officer of ManTech’s mission, cyber, and intelligence solutions group. In her new role, she will establish growth strategy by ensuring business methods, capabilities, and technologies align with federal budgets and the company’s pipeline.

Photo Credit: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, University of Minnesota’s Polar Geospatial Center/National Science Foundation

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Pentagon to Amp Up UAV Program; Dewberry to Evaluate New LiDAR Forms for USGS; Google Launches Project Sunroof