2019 IGAPP Award Winners Announced

JED Services, CACI, and Orbit Logic recognized at GEOINT 2019


SAIC (Booth 401) announced the 2019 Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program’s (IGAPP) award winners this week at GEOINT 2019. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Director Vice Adm. Robert Sharp and Lew Messing, SAIC’s customer account executive, presented the awards.

JED Services was selected as the $20,000 Grand Challenge Winner for its Paul Revere military recall app. The application allows commanders to import an Excel roster for use during recall events. Once the roster is created or imported it can be organized into groups and the user can issue a recall to one or more groups via a push notification. The recipient can acknowledge notifications, message with their commander, and share their location and ETA.

CACI was selected as the $5,000 Grand Challenge Runner-up for its Kuato app, which addresses the same military recall need. Kuato allows leaders to create a roster of team members and recall them to a location with text and voice instructions. When a leader initiates a recall, team members will receive a notification on their device and can respond with their current status in the app. Team leads can monitor team member responses and locations via the app in real-time.

CACI received the Grand Challenge Runner-up award of $5,000.

A third award in the amount of $25,000 was presented to Orbit Logic as the winner of the Prototype Grand Challenge. The winning submission, called Order Logic, presented an enterprise-wide marketplace solution for users and suppliers of GEOINT information, products, and services. Order Logic is an application for satellite imagery collection order management. The app provides the capability to browse, view, create, and edit imagery orders; to monitor imagery collection and processing status; and to estimate collection feasibility for single and multi-use satellites with user-specified collection constraints and configurable satellite parameters.

Applications built by Alambda, Aviation Mobile Apps, Central Contacts, and Tech Maven Geospatial received Honorable Mentions for their contributions.

The IGAPP Grand Challenge is an annual contest in which IGAPP-approved app vendors participate in a three-month “hackathon,” building and delivering mobile apps that address a variety of Department of Defense mission needs.

“This program has been a tremendous proof of concept for quickly delivering innovation to the geospatial intelligence user community,” said Michael LaRouche, executive vice president and general manager of SAIC’s National Security Customer Group. “Witnessing how relevant and timely apps are provided to end users across all mission areas shows how new thinking around acquisition can benefit our government and industry.”

The IGAPP contract vehicle was first conceptualized and provisioned by NGA. IGAPP continues to bridge the gap between NGA and private sector app developers. SAIC acts as the “trusted broker” for mobile app procurement, and by delivering specific user needs of a demographic typically unavailable to private developers, removes barriers to entry without incurring any up front development costs. Compared to a formal acquisitions model, meaningful apps can be delivered in months instead of years. 

Headline Image: NGA Director Vice Adm. Robert Sharp and SAIC’s Lew Messing presented Evan Fossier, James Bonner, and Devon Peroutky of JED Services with the $20,000 IGAPP Grand Prize.


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