USGIF Brings Industry Partners to White House HBCU Career Fair

Designed to expand opportunities for students enrolled at HBCUs by providing on-site job interviews, networking, and information gathering, USGIF participated in the HBCU Week 4th annual Career and Recruitment Fair to spread the word about careers in GEOINT.

Q&A With Joseph Rouge

Joseph Rouge, Space Force’s deputy director of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, provides additional answers to audience questions from the 2022 GEOINT Service Day: Air Force and Space Force event

Danny Oliva, 2022 USGIF Scholarship Recipient

Danny Oliva talks about receiving a USGIF scholarship and his desire to give back to the next generation of GEOINT students.

New Member Spotlight: SIMS Software

Michael Struttmann, CEO and President of SIMS Software, shares his company’s capabilities and why they joined USGIF.


Detect Radar and Communication Signals from Space – Across Land and Sea


Global security is rapidly changing creating a need for greater detection and geolocation of potentially sinister activity. Now you can have greater situational awareness with space-based RF signal detection and analytics from HawkEye 360 – now expanded to a broader range of UHF and VHF frequencies.

USGIF Scholarship Winner Profiles

Quinn Heiser, 2021 USGIF Scholarship Winner

A third-year undergraduate student at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Quinn Heiser spoke with us about winning the USGIF scholarship.

Aaron Pacheco, 2021 USGIF Scholarship Winner

After fleeing a wildfire, Aaron Pacheco earned a USGIF Scholarship and is rebuilding his career.

Clare Gaffey, 2021 USGIF Scholarship Winner

With a 2021 USGIF scholarship in hand, Clare Gaffey shares what she hopes it will help her achieve in her future career.


Delivering the art of the possible.

GDIT is growing in St. Louis and collaborating with technology partners and academia to bring innovation with transformative impact to the region.


Swift Support

By USGIF | February 22, 2022

Volunteers of the Civil Air Patrol gather and analyze geospatial data to assist FEMA.

When disaster strikes, many groups step up to get a handle on the situation. One of the first governmental agencies activated for large disasters is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). But there are many other organizations that play a part in effectuating a swift response. One of these is Civil Air Patrol (CAP).



From AI to zero trust, we’re harnessing new tools and technologies to advance national security and help our customers protect citizens, assets, and information. Leidos delivers secure, innovative solutions that outpace today’s adversaries and threats—enabling responsiveness at the speed of mission.


USGIF Member Spotlight: Textron Systems

Daryl Madden, vice president of geospatial solutions at Textron Systems discusses the company’s role in GEOINT and what the future holds.

Q&A With Nathan Kuntz, CEO,

Trajectory spoke with’s CEO about the company’s recent partnership with Orbital Insight to contribute synthetic data for a project that is building automated detection technology for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Operating at the Nexus of Mission and IT

Q&A with GDIT’s Deb Davis, Vice President and General Manager, Mission Solutions Sector


What GEOINT Can Tell Us About Climate and Food Security

By USGIF | February 18, 2022

The overlapping threats presented by climate change, including instability both internationally and domestically, are a new focal point for federal, nonprofit, and private entities. While technology rapidly advances, bringing about innovative possibilities, the reality remains that these issues require thoughtful, collective action, considering both short-term solutions and long-term sustainability.


Join our secure, virtual, open R&D ecosystem to utilize commercial remote sensing, cloud technologies, secure DevOps, and advanced tools and services.


Q&A With Nathan Kuntz, CEO,

Trajectory spoke with’s CEO about the company’s recent partnership with Orbital Insight to contribute synthetic data for a project that is building automated detection technology for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


Geiger-mode Lidar Transitions to Civilian Use

Initially used for military purposes, Geiger-mode lidar has now come onto the commercial market, lowering the cost of geospatial data acquisition

How to Prepare for and Guide Your Organization Through the Next Crisis

Observations from US Federal Agencies’ Responses to COVID-19

Expanding the Utility and Interoperability of Rapidly Generated Terrain Datasets

Reality modeling advancements now allow for the generation of high-resolution 3D models from a variety of sources to rapidly meet modeling and simulation needs

Realizing a Live Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment

Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment is a mandatory step toward the understanding of an area of interest and the planning of a relevant course of action to support the warfighter


Shallow water bathymetry at your fingertips

Trident Tools in ArcGIS Pro

Developed under TCarta’s National Science Foundation SBIR Phase-II grant, Trident
Tools creates a user-friendly production environment for satellite-derived
bathymetry and imagery-derived bathymetry within Esri ArcGIS Pro.