USGIF Member Spotlight: Satellogic

Satellogic’s Matt Tirman shared why the organization joined USGIF and how it is helping to accelerate innovation.

What products and/or services does Satellogic provide?

Matt Tirman, Chief Commercial Officer

Satellogic is a leader in submeter Earth Observation (EO) data collection and satellite technology. We design, manufacture, and operate one of the largest commercial constellations in orbit—we currently have 34 satellites in orbit with the goal of 200+ to deliver daily global remaps.

Satellogic has three core offerings that enable organizations of any size and budget to access critical EO data: Global tasking with industry-leading high-resolution capacity; Constellation-as-a-Service that offers sovereign territory monitoring without infrastructure cost or operational risks; Space Systems to expedite EO satellite ownership with available payload customization.

Why did you join USGIF?

USGIF fosters the education and adoption of critical EO data and supports a community of diverse professionals working to develop advanced geospatial applications across sectors. This aligns with Satellogic’s mission: democratizing access to critical information through cost-efficiencies that enable both rapid iterations for enhancements as well as a lower price point for end users.

How will your organization contribute to the Foundation’s mission to build the community, advance the tradecraft, and accelerate innovation?

From governments and NGOs to academia and commercial organizations, EO data is essential to advance humanity’s understanding of the planet and prepare for the future. It has, for far too long, been inaccessible to many; either too expensive or too complicated to ingest and utilize. Satellogic has removed these barriers.

By focusing on continuous enhancements, we offer increasingly more capacity, better quality, and agility to deliver relevant, timely, and affordable data that drives innovation for each end user.

Satellogic’s vertically integrated structure has resulted in breakthrough cost efficiencies that enable the company to sell its data and other offerings at a much lower price point than its peers. Additionally, its offerings are designed for flexibility to enable more organizations and governments to access and derive new data products.

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