Analytics and Beyond

Deloitte aligns its capabilities with the most pressing issues facing NGA and other geospatial organizations


For almost 20 years, Deloitte has served as a trusted partner to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), first supporting financial management and later expanding to provide mission analytics, IT strategy, portfolio management, human capital, and more.

“We’re excited because we believe the time for Deloitte to assist NGA and other geospatial organizations has never been better,” said Roger Hill, a principal in Deloitte’s Business Risk Practice. “Given our commercial heritage, and the fact that we’re the largest global professional services firm in the world, we think the opportunity is as ripe as ever to import proven commercial technologies to the fight.”

A number of those technologies were on display at GEOINT 2018, including a predictive modeling capability called Future View, which uses advanced gaming technology to create data for machine learning applications in areas without existing historical data. Deloitte also highlighted a graph analytics capability called MissionGraph. This suite of mission analytics tools is designed for companies shifting to data-driven decision making.

Outside of analytics, Deloitte presented a cyber reconnaissance tool that helps clients identify and respond to vulnerabilities in their cyber infrastructure, as well as a risk-sensing tool that combines geospatial data with open-source data from social media. The booth also showed off how Deloitte uses process robotics to automate repetitive, computer-based activities, freeing human analysts up for more complex work. Finally, in keeping with recent commercial trends, the firm presented a broad overview of how blockchain data management can be applied in the geospatial space.

Hill said Deloitte hopes its presence at GEOINT increased awareness of its geospatially relevant solutions and of its brand within this industry.

“We need different and more efficient avenues to bring our innovation to NGA and other organizations,” Hill said. “There’s going to be a lot of discussion about innovative acquisition strategies NGA is rolling out, like other transaction authorities. We’re really excited to hear more about that.”

Headline Image: Deloitte’s “Wall of Bots.” 

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