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Applying Geospatial Intelligence and AI/ML to the Climate Change Challenge

AI and ML are enabling more capabilities in the geospatial space than ever before. Leveraging that potential for the future will depend on ensuring data compatibility across application development and integration.

Geospatial Data Cleaning: Five Challenges & Five Solutions

Understanding how to curate and clean geospatial data is an essential element of any analytical strategy.

Hybrid companies trailblaze responsive, affordable, assured small satellites for National Security Space

Customers need responsive satellites across missions and orbits. With the threats we’re facing today, this is especially true for National Security Space and its augmented tactically responsive space needs. National space customers and operational- and tactical-level commanders need rapidly delivered small satellites that are agile, affordable and assured. A long-held misconception is you can only…

Connecting with the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

Corey Carter, a GDIT program manager based in Springfield, Va., has spent the last several months visiting classrooms—virtually and in-person—in St. Louis to talk about his work and about his atypical and inspiring career path in STEM.

Q&A with Patrick Cozzi

CEO of Cesium and the creator of Cesium and 3D Tiles

Uncloaking Adversaries through GIS

Using GIS for Activity Based Intelligence