Establishing the Autonomous Connected Battlespace

Hexagon US Federal showcases solutions for harnessing data for improved situational awareness and operational control


For the past year, Hexagon AB has highlighted how Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE) are the answer for harnessing the flow of information and the orchestration of resources for improved situational awareness and operational control.

“Data creation is huge,” said Hexagon AB CEO Ola Rollen in June 2018. “It outpaces data use, and the Internet of Things is going to open the floodgates. In the past two years, we have produced more data than ever in the history of mankind.”

In ACE, data from the physical world is connected with that of the digital world—with an underlying thread of intelligence for advancing decision-making. Hexagon US Federal is applying these ACE principles to defense at GEOINT 2019, where the company’s demonstration theme is “Establishing the Autonomous Connected Battlespace (ACB).”

With robotics, autonomous weapons, UAVs, satellite imagery, and other intelligence inputs available, there is a need to fuse data from those sources, then present it quickly in a dynamic common operating picture.

Hexagon US Federal has a growing footprint in the U.S. defense and intelligence communities, which was enhanced with Hexagon AB’s recent acquisition of Thermopylae Sciences and Technology and its data visualization solutions. 

Many of Thermopylae’s solutions are built on the Google technology stack, and will be part of the ACB demonstrations. Thermopylae’s technology capabilities also work well in a disconnected battlefield environment.

In addition, Hexagon Geosystems is showcasing its sensors and digital reality capture solutions that are essential for ACB. The Hexagon US Federal team is also highlighting Hexagon Geospatial division’s Luciad portfolio of advanced geospatial analytics and visualization solutions as well as M.App X, a cloud-deployable enterprise solution for GEOINT imagery intelligence applications.


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