Crowdsourcing to Combat Poaching

Conservationists are adopting crowdsourcing methods used by the intelligence and GIS communities to gather data on wildlife crime

Defeating Disaster

Fueled by open-source software and crowdsourcing, the crisis mapping community is rapidly expanding

Readership Analytics

Observations about the recent Trajectory survey data

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

SmallSat pioneer Skybox Imaging wants to change the way people view the world

CORE Values

The Naval Postgraduate School’s CORE Lab eschews theory for real-world pragmatism

BAE Systems: Expanding Capabilities

Looking toward an immersive future to help manage Big Data

Ground Control Points

The importance of accurate, standardized GCP collection

Safe + Found

In the hands of first responders, geospatial applications save lives

Securing the Super Bowl

Location data is instrumental in securing America’s largest sporting event

The Next Generation of Policing

In a world of location-enabled law enforcement, science fiction is increasingly more science than fiction