Saving Analysts Time

Observera introduces elctro-optical change detection software for panchromatic images


Observera (Booth 625) is demonstrating its newest Electro-Optical Change Detection (EOCD) software at GEOINT 2017. EOCD automatically compares two panchromatic images of the same scene and provides raster products and vector detections as outputs.

“EOCD is the first fully automated processing capability to provide a useful product from panchromatic image pairs,” said Observera CEO Todd Jamison. “Panchromatic imagery is such a challenge because of differences in collection geometry and sun geometry that simple techniques just do not work. With EOCD, we get reliable detections even with differences in look angles of 25 to 30 degrees.”

Changes can be provided as a set of detections for storage in structured observation management databases or for use with GIS tools. The vector detections contain metadata that can be used by search and sort algorithms looking for activity around key facilities or for long-term patterns of life. The software is highly portable and has been applied to approximately 25 different sensors.

“EOCD saves analysts time by helping to prioritize what images to look at and where to look,” said Observera Senior Analyst Terrance “Tee” Carty. “Analysts know their targets and expect to see changes in certain areas, but EOCD also highlights changes they might not have otherwise noticed—which leads to identifying second and third order indicators.”

Image courtesy of Observera

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