Scalable Search

Elastic turns big location data into better location services


Imagine having a car but no gas, a turkey but no oven, or a stapler but no staples. That’s what big data is like without Elastic (Booth 1530), a search company whose products make data usable in real time and at scale for use cases such as application search, site search, enterprise search, logging, application performance management, metrics, security, and business analytics.

“It’s fast, it’s flexible, it’s scalable, it’s secure,” George Young, vice president, U.S. public sector, said of Elastic’s technology. “If you haven’t heard of us, pull up your Uber or Tinder app and we’re there powering them.”

Elastic—which recently joined USGIF and will therefore be exhibiting in the New Member Showcase at GEOINT 2019—is best known for its Elastic Stack suite of products, which includes Elasticsearch for searching, analyzing, and storing data; Kibana for visualizing data; Beats for shipping data; and Logstash for ingesting and centralizing data.

Elasticsearch, in particular, will be front and center for Symposium attendees. “Elasticsearch is used extensively for geospatial analytics with well-known applications,” Young said. “It is the data store of choice for people looking for massive scale, real-time analytics and visualization of geospatial data combined with other sources such as open-source intelligence.”

In addition to interacting with Dr. Nick Knize, the company’s resident geospatial expert and the lead geo developer for Elasticsearch, visitors to Elastic’s booth will learn: how to collect, store, search, and analyze logs and metrics for continuous monitoring and telemetry efforts; how to derive metrics and KPIs to drive efficiency in DevOps; and how to manage and monitor the performance of code, application dependencies, transaction times, and overall user experiences with the GEOINT application development lifecycle.

Concluded Young, “We ultimately want to share the diverse application of Elastic technology, particularly through use cases that demonstrate its full-scale capabilities for geo/map analytics.”

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