Weekly GEOINT Community News

NGA Posts RFI for Mapping Platform; Harris Corp to Provide NOAA Airborne Radars; Hera Systems Reveals 2016 Satellite Constellation Plans

Weekly GEOINT Community News

NGA Releases Commercial GEOINT Strategy; IBM Acquires Weather Company Data; DigitalGlobe Expands Services with Intelescope and MapBox

Friday’s Food for Thought: Hurricane Katrina

A look back at the tragedy and lessons learned

NextGen Forecasting

SmallSats promise improved weather forecasting

The Future of Weather Satellites

A look at current and future weather satellite capabilities

A Signal From the Noise

GEOINT holds promise for understanding climate change through the lens of national security

We’re All GEOINTers

GEOINT continues to pervade our daily lives

An Introduction to Radar Imaging

What it is and how it works