USGIF Launches Universal GEOINT Certification Program

USGIF officially launched its Universal GEOINT Certification Program Monday at GEOINT 2016.


USGIF officially launched its Universal GEOINT Certification Program Monday at GEOINT 2016. USGIF’s certification program—available to U.S. and international GEOINT practitioners across industry, military, academia, and government— includes three exams: GIS and Analysis Tools, Remote Sensing and Imagery Analysis, and Geospatial Data Management.

Each of the three exams and subsequent certifications are valuable as standalone credentials. However, GEOINT practitioners who earn and maintain all three USGIF certifications simultaneously will be eligible to apply for USGIF’s overarching Universal GEOINT Professional (UGP) designation.

USGIF announced Monday the six practitioners who achieved the UGP designation during the program’s pilot testing phase. The first UGP recipients are: Talbot Brooks, Stewart Bruce, Chris Johnson, Angel Martinez, Christopher Stahl, and Lt. Col. Michael Wood.

Visit the USGIF website to learn more.

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