Visualizing Symposium Highlights

GEOINT 2019 as told through OGSystems’ “graphic recording”


OGSystems’ Visioneering team took its skills to San Antonio earlier this month, where they produced 24 shareable graphic artifacts based on GEOINT 2019 presentations.

Graphic recording of the GEOINT 2019 panel discussion, “CIOs: Moving from Chief Information Officers to Chief Innovation Officers.”

The majority of adult learners are visual learners, according to Trent Wakenight, a lead specialist and visioneer with OGSystems. 
“‘Visioneering’ is a combination of visualization within the engineering space in which we work,” Wakenight said. “We work hand-in-hand with those who have engineering and other forms of technical expertise. Part of our job is to help visually conceptualize their ideas, thoughts, and strategies.”

At GEOINT 2019, Wakenight and colleague Ben Tinker demonstrated a subset of visioneering the company calls “graphic recording,” or “the real-time illustration of ideas, presentations, and discussion.” In total, the duo produced graphic recordings of all GEOINT 2019 general session and Government Pavilion Stage presentations.

Graphic recording of PDDNI Sue Gordon’s GEOINT 2019 keynote address.

“This creates a lasting record of what was discussed,” Wakenight said. “This can be shared with those who were not at an event or one week or one month later with those who may not remember everything that was presented.” 
Though OGSystems introduced its visioneering capabilities at GEOINT 2015, when the company was the exhibit hall sponsor, this was the first time the team has highlighted this capability at such a scale, according to OGSystems Director of Communications Carrie Drake.
“Trent, Ben, and I had the vision of creating this gallery wall in our booth and displaying these artifacts people could engage with, share on social media, and give back to the community so this record could go on after the Symposium.” Drake said.
  • To view all OGSystems graphic recordings from GEOINT 2019, click here

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