2018 State and Future of GEOINT Report

This annual report is a collection of articles intended for use by all GEOINT practitioners. These unclassified documents illustrate trends in the GEOINT Community, reflect on the continuing GEOINT Revolution, and contemplate the ongoing evolution of the tradecraft.


Advances and Challenges for Small Sats

Industry and government experts discuss evolving ecosystem, hurdles, and what’s on the horizon for small sats at USGIF workshop

Fostering Workforce Innovation

Q&A with Sue Kalweit, director of analysis, NGA

The Democratization of Entity Resolution

Q&A with Jeff Jonas, founder and CEO, Senzing

Individual Member Profile

Dynamic Interactions

Q&A with Charlie Devine, University of Arizona graduate student

Individual Member Profile

Finding Your Passion

Q&A with Andrea Keilholtz, vice president, Whiteboard Federal

“The courses I benefitted from the most…incorporated open-source packages, which provided me with a greater understanding of geospatial software. Geospatial programs could benefit from incorporating more foundational curriculum in coding and software development.”

Charlie Devine, University of Arizona graduate student