2017 USGIF Membership Directory

This alphabetical directory contains descriptions and contact information for each USGIF Member organization and includes a capabilities index listing more than 50 products and services


Data Brokerage and Reorganization at NGA

Kristin St. Peter speaks at USGIF GEOINTeraction Tuesday

Innovating for the Homeland

Q&A with Andre Hentz, acting deputy under secretary for Science & Technology (S&T) with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Playing Offense and Defense

Q&A with National Counterintelligence Executive Bill Evanina

Beyond the Quantitative Approach

Q&A with Dr. Peggy Agouris, professor of spatial informatics at George Mason University

Individual Member Profile

Lt. Joseph Flynn: Making GEOINT Connections

How USGIF Membership is opening new doors for one Fairfax County law enforcement officer

Individual Member Profile

Al Di Leonardo: Beyond Points on the Map

Q&A with the founder of HumanGeo and president of The Radiant Group, now DigitalGlobe-Radiant

“I’m bringing geospatial intelligence specialists into NVRIC to talk with our analysts and to see how the workflows go and how they set their goals. Then, we can ask those outside groups for advice on how we can improve. USGIF is starting to open up doors for us to people and technologies that we may not have thought of in the past.”

Lt. Joseph Flynn, Fairfax County Police