Ensuring Mission Confidence

Harris delivers analytics solutions that modernize, automate, and anticipate


Harris Corporation (Booth 801) has more than 30 years experience modeling and simulating all types of sensor data to construct high-volume processors for customers throughout the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. ENVI, the firm’s flagship analysis software, contains 200+ algorithms and is widely popular among industry analysts.

“Harris’s analytical tools are the most trusted in the GEOINT Community because they are based on unique mission knowledge gained from decades of developing proven technologies that collect, process, and analyze remotely sensed data,” said vice president and general manager of Harris Geospatial Solutions Erik Arvesen.

At GEOINT 2018, Harris plans to display its diverse array of geospatial solutions, including machine learning algorithms, advanced analytics, sensors, and processing used to extract trusted intelligence from imagery and data. A synthetic data creation tool helps deep learning programs learn faster with less human oversight. A cloud-based GEOINT broker service simplifies global data search for imagery analysts. These capabilities are “integral to our customers’ mission success,” Arvesen said.

At its booth, Harris will host a fixed series of nine live demos each day, displaying the firm’s capabilities in specialized areas such as Geiger-mode LiDAR, multi-INT motion analytics, and more. These demos will also showcase ENVI and Jagwire, a web-based data management software.

Headline Image: One of the nine demos Harris provides in Booth 801 shows the company’s commercial broker solution that simplifies global imagery discovery.

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