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Several companies announce news at GEOINT 2018


Teledyne Presents Terrain Mapping LiDAR Sensor, Terrestrial Scanner

Teledyne Optech (Booth 1148) is showcasing its new terrain mapping LiDAR sensor Galaxy PRIME. The scanner is designed for wide-area, mountain, and corridor collection, and features best-of-class point density, range, vegetation penetration, and target detection, as well as a powerful night mode. Teledyne is also displaying its high-range Polaris Terrestrial Laser Scanner and the Optech Maverick, a wearable mapping system designed for backpack transportation.

LizardTech Launches GeoExpress 10 Software with LiDAR Capabilities

Geospatial software provider LizardTech (Booth1245) announced version 10 of its flagship data management software GeoExpress at GEOINT 2018. The update features a significantly improved LiDAR data handling capability that can compress to MrSID and LAZ formats with no loss of data content. Version 10 also features improved interface communication and a new elevation cropping tool.

Esri Unveils Open-Source Situational Awareness App

Esri (Booth 829) announced the release of its new Dynamic Situational Awareness Example Application, an open-source mobile app based on Esri’s ArcGIS Runtime Software Development Kit. Developers can customize and reconfigure the app to create personalized mobile field solutions for location intelligence sharing, particularly in disconnected or low bandwidth environments.

TerraGo Applications Enable Better Data Sharing

TerraGo Technologies’ (Booth 1413) display at GEOINT 2018 emphasizes the importance of effective and transparent data sharing, namely through its GeoPDF mapmaking platform. TerraGo has unveiled a new feature for GeoPDF called time-series visualization, where a slider bar is used to animate changes in imagery over time, such as troop movements or environmental change. TerraGo is also showing its Reconnaissance, Response, Recovery (R3) app, and its TerraGo Magic platform, which serves as the foundation of BAE Systems’ new GXP InForm app.

BAE Systems and Dell EMC Partner on Cloud Solution for Government

BAE Systems (Booth 837) and Dell EMC (Booth 1509) announced a collaboration to deliver a federated secure cloud solution to the U.S. government. The cloud environment is embedded with customizable Dell EMC and VMware technologies and satisfies more than 900 security controls including zero-anonymity monitoring and tracking for optimal safety. This architecture will reduce IT costs and enable administrators to automate patches and updates.

Vricon Debuts 3D Geo-registration Software

Vricon (Booth 847) announced at GEOINT 2018 the launch of its new Precision 3D Registration (P3DR) software suite, which allows analysts to automatically register imagery from disparate collection platforms against Vricon’s “The Globe in 3D” platform. P3DR aligns separate datasets without the need for GPS location, heading information, or ground control points, and provides users with 0.5-meter resolution foundational 3D context of the entire globe and accuracy of three meters or better in all dimensions.

Image courtesy of TerraGo.


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