Visualizing Vessels

Increasingly, geospatial technology is playing a more important role in port security

Opening the Door to ABI

USGIF’s ABI Working Group develops unclassified data set

GEOINT and Public Safety

The importance of GEOINT beyond military applications

The World in 3D

Digital elevation models and the transformation of the GEOINT landscape

Calling All Young Professionals

Senior leaders should encourage younger workforce to build a professional network

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Stu Shea passes the torch at USGIF

Evolving Geospatial Education

The importance of shifting geospatial curricula toward application development

USGIF Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Foundation’s transformation from concept to community

West Coast Geospatial Tech

A booming geospatial industry has emerged from a confluence of creativity and opportunity

CubeSats and Universities

SmallSats are helping to bolster the country’s STEM pipeline