Unlocking AI

Pure Storage showcases AI infrastructure platform developed in collaboration with NVIDIA


Artificial intelligence (AI) today is where the internet was 20 years ago: on the cusp of transformational change. Like the internet before it, AI needs increased power and speed in order to cross the Rubicon from a promising technology to a disruptive juggernaut.

Pure Storage (Booth 701) returns to the GEOINT Symposium after a three-year absence because it believes AI’s moment of truth time has finally come.

“What brought us back to [the GEOINT Symposium] is [NGA Director Robert Cardillo’s] vision of having machine learning and AI to help process geospatial data to help the analyst focus on the really hard problems at hand while improving speed of mission,” explained Marci Neill, federal marketing lead at Pure Storage.

The company is spending GEOINT 2018 showcasing AI-Ready Infrastructure (AIRI), an enterprise-level converged infrastructure platform it developed in partnership with NVIDIA.

AIRI integrates DGX-1—NVIDIA servers designed explicitly for deep learning applications—with FlashBlade: a next-generation storage solution designed by Pure Storage for use with AI and machine learning platforms. Their combined effect, according to Neill, is increased power and speed that will help unlock and unleash AI’s full potential within the GEOINT Community.

“A high-performance data platform is required to support modern geospatial solutions at scale,” concluded Neill, who invited Symposium attendees to visit Pure Storage not only to learn more about AIRI, but also to enter a raffle, the winner of which will take home a set of the company’s beloved growlers.

Headline Image: AI is unleashed thanks to AIRI, an integrated server and storage solution from Pure Storage and NVIDIA. Photo Credit: Pure Storage

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