Location-Based Services

Privacy Takes Precedence in Carpenter Case

Supreme Court rules that police procurement of cellular location data requires a warrant

Geospatial Intelligence: The Made-Up Term That’s Changing the World

Geospatial intelligence is ready to take its place alongside business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and competitive intelligence in the business world.

USGIF Announces New trajectoryXyzt Event

The two-day experience will focus on the future of commercial geospatial intelligence

Fitness Tracking & Privacy

Strava’s global heat map inadvertently reveals locations of U.S. military bases

The Ethics of Volunteered Geographic Information for GEOINT Use

The wide variety of VGI available today naturally leads to myriad potential GEOINT uses

The Democratization of Entity Resolution

Q&A with Jeff Jonas, founder and CEO, Senzing

The Vanguard of Commercial GEOINT

From self-driving cars and “drones as a service” to crowdsourcing exercise routes, the commercial world continues to leverage GEOINT in new and creative ways

What are Your 3 Words?

What3words assigns three-word identifiers to every location on Earth

Mapbox: Empathy and Fire

Q&A with Robert Ames, director of government business and technology strategy

Quantifying GEOINT

Measuring the societal and economic effects of geospatial services